The Science Fair ~ Made Easy & Fun!

Why do kids, families, and even teachers dread putting a science fair project together?

….Because it’s so much work!

+++There’s choosing a project, wrapping your mind around the scientific method, prepping, experimenting, and bringing it all together properly on a display board. Whew!

+++For as much work as it is, there is also a great reward. There is a good chance the whole tactile experience will be remembered by students for years or even decades! This year, we submitted this whole class project. Since I’m currently teaching primary, my main goal was to just expose them to the scientific method and process. We recorded the perceived flavors of different colored juices (apple juice with food coloring), tallied, and graphed the results. In conclusion, our hypothesis proved to be correct. The color of a drink does affect taste perception!

+++I thought it would be something new that they would enjoy, but you should have seen their faces during the actual fair. They could not contain their excitement and pride in our class project! Knowing this activity provided them with such a positive connection to school and science warms my heart!

+++To encourage as many people as possible to engage in a science fair, I’ve streamlined the process. I’ve created easy to understand “Scientific Method” posters, corresponding student science fair journals (for primary & intermediate),  a general board lay to follow, pre-made headings for the board, and even headings with blank lines below just ready to be filled in.  With these stumbling blocks out of the way, it’s much easier to dive into an experiment and get it presentation worthy in a just a day or +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++two.

+++My ready –to- go taste perception science fair project is available for purchase. If you’d prefer to conduct a different experiment, the blank headings / fill in the blank display sheets, and student journals can be used for ANY science fair experiment.

    Intermediate Resource                     Primary Resource


+++However, there’s no need to purchase my resources (although it will make the whole process even more streamlined). You can use my display set up suggestions below to create your own. Now, start exploring!

**As a teacher, there’s a good chance you’ve been asked to coordinate a science fair. If this is the case, I have a resource for you too! My science fair coordinator’s pack includes judging criteria, posters, Science Fair Journals for primary & intermediate, and more!

+++I’d love to hear about your favorite science fair projects and experiences. Leave a comment below!
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