Put on a Family Music Night!

school family music night http://peasinapodlessons.com/put-on-a-family-music-night/

As a way to build community, and emphasize characteristics of fluent and expressive reading, we held a school family music night.

At this event, families practiced Reading in Rhythm. Reading short poems in different rhythms shows them how to use expression and punctuation for effect. It teaches how to communicate ideas precisely, by grouping words into phrases.  By connecting reading and speaking to the musical elements of pitch, tempo, and dynamics a musical approach to language makes reading fun and building fluency easier!

After everyone finishes, we all join together for a dynamic concert of rhythm and shared reading.

Building a Peruvian rain stick…http://peasinapodlessons.com/put-on-a-family-music-night/

Step 1. We purchased sprinkler pipe, and used pipe cutters to score then cut foot long sections.

Step 2. Once the pipes are cut, we cut foot long sections of plastic fencing. Students will roll this fencing into semi-circles, so they fit into the pipes.http://peasinapodlessons.com/put-on-a-family-music-night/

Step 3. After guiding the fencing into the pipes, we placed a small cardboard square on the end of the pipe and covered it with duct tape.

Step 4. Next, adults helped the kids carefully scoop 3 teaspoons of a dry corn and rice mixture into the open end.


Step 5. Lastly, we covered the remaining open end with another cardboard square and duct tape.

http://peasinapodlessons.com/put-on-a-family-music-night/**Extension activity: The following day have students write a sequential first, next, then, finally paragraph describing the process of making their instruments.




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