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The reading specialist in my district recently let us in on a little known “secret”! Teachers can now apply for special teacher library cards! The card lets you check out double the items, for twice as long, and they won’t accrue overdue fines. All you need to get one of these bad boys is a current teacher’s id badge.

What is a Teacher Library Card? (As defined by the library)

Teacher Library Cards allow teachers to borrow library materials for longer, to request more reserves, and to request multiple copies of the same items. There are no overdue fines with teacher cards, but replacement fees for lost or damaged items are not eliminated. These specific rules apply to the San Francisco Public Library but are similar to many other libraries across the country. Check with your local branch!


Regular Library Card Teacher Library Card
Loan Period
duration for borrowing an item
21 days (3 weeks) with 3 renewals 42 days (6 weeks) with 3 renewals
Item Limit
number of items borrowed
50 100
Hold Item Limit
number of items on hold
20 40
Multiple Holds
on same item
No Yes, with librarian assistance

There is no separate application form. To receive a teacher card simply complete the regular library card application, and request teacher card status. Your residential address will be the primary address on library account. The school name and address will be the secondary address.
Subject matter limits may be imposed at the discretion of librarian based upon the information needs of other library users.
Teacher cards have a duration of one year from the date of the application and will be renewed with proof of current teacher status.

Who can get a teacher library card?

To be eligible for this card you must be currently employed as a teacher, educator, administrator, librarian, childcare provider, or afterschool program provider at a school, childcare facility, or afterschool program. Teachers who are residents but teach in districts outside of the city are also eligible .

How to get a Teacher Library Card:
Apply in person at your library, and show valid photograph identification.
Proof of current teacher status can be:
School or childcare identification or
a school or childcare paystub.

A word to the wise…

Of course this program won’t succeed if people abuse it, so teachers will be responsible for lost or damaged items. Also, an excess of 60 days late might result in a suspension of the privileges. Keep that in mind, and enjoy your new found library freedom!

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