How to Teach Main Idea


+++Understanding the what a reading passage or book is mostly about is at the core of reading comprehension.  As the complexity of the text increases, the task of determining importance becomes more challenging. Students at all grade levels need support in this process. They need strategies and practice to hone this skill as texts get longer. Reading research quaterly states that even expert readers follow a process and apply strategies while constructing the main idea. Continue reading

Beat Teacher Burnout! Beat Teacher Burnout! Here's a trick my school has recently started to boost morale for students and teachers alike ~ and it's working!

This time of year is HARD! I’m canceling meetings because I have so many meetings scheduled that they are overlapping. This is on top of report cards, testing, conferences, IEP’s,  and the list could just keep going on! If you’re a teacher, I know you’re right there with me! Continue reading

Sentence Building ~ What Teachers Say

        I have recently made a point of it to share my thoughts when a compliment pops into my mind. It’s nice to think positively, but I know it can make a much bigger impact when shared out loud. Here are a few heart warmers teachers have recently shared with me regarding my Sentence Building Unit:

“Brilliant way to improve sentence writing! Our school caters to a wide range of developmental delays and this helped ALL of my older guys write better sentences. Repetition with this product helps to remind them of all the aspects to a complete, good sentence. Loved this one!” ~Jamie B.

“Practical and useful….love this product!” ~Amanda

Thank you! Love that this scaffolds where needed and allows for differentiation. Just what I was looking for!” ~buyer

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