8 Back to School Must-Haves ~ For Teachers!


      Ok…maybe these back to school items are a bit less “Must Have” and a little more “Great to Have.” Either way you look at it, these goodies will make the long days in the classroom more bearable! You can easily grab a few for yourself by just clicking on the pictures below.  Most of the pictures will click through to an affiliate link. (That means I’ll receive a small percentage if you make a purchase.) However,  I only recommend what I use and LOVE!

1. Personal Kit: My first recommendation encompasses all the essential teacher must-haves. I like to keep a little crate handy with Ibuprofen,
pads & tampons, deodorant, a little hair brush, chapstick, bandaids, a stock of disposable plates & utensils, a few dish towels, a little dry rack, a toothbrush/toothpaste, an alarm clock, extra staple remover,  Throat Coat Tea, and Pepto-Bismol. (The last one is a must because that type of sickness is the LAST type of sickness you want at school!) A box of thank you stationary also comes in handy for all those sweet little gifts that come flooding in.

personal kitpostpic

2. As great-to-haves go, I’ll start with my favorite: Flair Pens!! I’ve never met a flair pen I didn’t like. Bright & smooth, they are the perfect mix between pen and marker.

3. A less fun, but necessary, classroom item is our first aid kit. You’ll most likely run out of band aids by the end of the first trimester, but don’t make the mistake of starting the year without them!

4. While on the topic of first aid,  “reusable ice cubes” come in handy. It seems like an odd item for the list, but throw a few in a baggie and you’ll have an instant solution to every kid’s bang, bump, and headache! You could just keep regular old ice cubes in the closest freezer, but they always seems to disappear when they’re needed most. Plus, reusable cubes are less drippy!!

5. Did you know that water tastes better from a super cute bottle? Okay, that’s not a proven fact. But, I love my Klean Kanteen! It seems like I’m not the only one based on a scan of the room at my last professional development training. (Stainless steel is, of course, BPA and aluminum free.) The wide mouth is great for easy cleaning, and it can go in the dishwasher!

6. Book organizers!!! The love of book organizers seems to be built into our teacher DNA. They keep libraries organized, tidy, and inviting!

7. Laminator & Pouches
There’s nothing like having your very OWN laminator! I hate to give away my age, but when I started teaching personal laminators may not have even existed. Over the past few years, technology has exploded, and they seem to be everywhere at a reasonable price too! Skip waiting in line in the office and flimsy lamination that peels. Having access to a laminator in your classroom is too sweet to pass up.

8. Finally, Mr. Sketch! Yep, I’m a little too happy about the basket of wonderfully smelly markers on my desk. They’re all mine….Bwahaha……

So, get go yourself some goodies! Like getting a new outfit, new classroom supplies just makes you smile. And, goodness knows that you work too hard not to start off feeling great about your newest classroom! Curious minds want to know….What’s the favorite “great-to-have” item on your desk?

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6 thoughts on “8 Back to School Must-Haves ~ For Teachers!

    1. I use the reusable ice packs from
      dollar tree. Mine are shaped like fish. Saved many trips to the nurse.

  1. I like to have a staple remover that is not the “jaws” style. I found a great one at the Dollar Tree (but they can’t seem to keep them in stock). It was not with the back-to-school stuff, but with the regular office supplies. It has a small razor type letter opener on the other end of the handle. What I love most about it (other than the price) is the little notch in the metal part that slides under the staple to pry it up. Other teachers keep coming to my room to borrow it.

    I also like the metal clips with magnets on the back that are in the office supplies aisle at Dollar Tree. They are great for posting examples or reminder notes for myself or the students on a variety of magnetic surfaces. I also like to give one to each child to be placed on the side of his/her desk so they can clip unfinished work there instead of sticking it inside their desk where it might never make its way back to daylight and actually get finished. Also, I can then very easily survey the room to see how many students need extra time or will have homework.

    1. I LOVE your idea about using the magnetic clip to keep a tally on unfinished work. What a fantastic idea! I must borrow it for my room too. Thanks!

  2. Puffs tissues (the kids have their own box of whatever, but the box of Puffs on my desk is mine!)

    Mini hand sanitizer and lotion (again the kids get a big bottle, but the little ones in my desk are mine, and I can pick my favorite scents. Plus because they are small I can change it up as the year goes on.)

    1. Tissues are a great addition to the list. I always think of what the airline attendants basically say on every flight….”Put on your airmask first then your child’s.” The same reasoning applies. We have to take care of ourselves, or we won’t be able to take care of the class.

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