Take the Stress Out of Calling a Sub!

substitute plan template http://peasinapodlessons.com/take-the-stress-out-of-calling-a-sub/

I finally set out to make a sub plan template! It seems like I always aim to do this when writing a set of sub plans. Then, I get crunched for time, and the plan is never “template worthy”.

 In preparation for a recent appointment, I wrote my plans. When I finished, I realized how many extra items I was missing that might come in handy. Things such as: fire drill procedures, rainy day lunch schedule, my seating chart, the mini day recess schedule (in case of a last minute emergency sub call on a mini day), etc. These items are posted around my classroom, but having them WITH my sub plans would be ideal. (Click on continue reading for a freebie!)

http://peasinapodlessons.com/take-the-stress-out-of-calling-a-sub/Here’s an “All the Extras” FREEBIE that will help you corral this information into one easy go to place for your sub.

Here’s a super cool way to organize activities for the sub. I put together a grid with time allotments, activity blacklines, and the correlating standards. I can quickly grab activities from this, or a sub would be able to easily grab from this themselves in an emergency.



Feel free to borrow this idea! But, if you’d like to save some time, mine are available HERE! (I’ve created a standard aligned set for each grade 1st – 6th.)


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