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The days are getting longer, and summer is at out heels! Let’s get those kids out of our classrooms for some fun in the Sun.

We just had a blast, and here are my top 3 favorite field day activities:

1. Water Relays


In this relay, we form 3 lines. The students each have a cup. On the whistle blow, they run to the cooler and fill it up. Then, then they run to the blue bucket that belongs to their team, and dump it in. They hurry back to hand off the cup to the next kid in line, and take a seat at the end. The row with the fullest bucket wins!! (Another variation of this game would be to keep it going until a team completely fills their bucket for the WIN!)

2. Potato Sack Races


3. Sharks & Minnows

Kids from first grade through sixth grade LOVE this game! It’s super easy and keeps them active. To play, have the kids line up along the short side of a basketball court. Choose 4 kids to stand on the half court line. They are the “sharks”. They must have one foot on the line the entire game. When you blow the whistle, the “minnows” will run to the other side, while attempting not to get tagged by a “shark”. If they are tagged, they join the teacher on the sidelines. The game continues back and fourth until 4 kids remain. They’ll become the sharks in the next game.

(It’s also a good idea to incorporate indoor activities like checkers competitions to give kids a break between active stations. And, make sure to keep plenty of water on hand.)

Inquiring minds want to know: What activities keep your field day funky, fresh, and fun?

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