How to Curb Screen Time Now

Limiting screen time is HARD! I’m a teacher, and I’ll be honest, I was at a loss on how I was going to limit screen time. I had no idea how I was going to get my child off our devices during the long summer stretch. My first thought was to work backwards… I would tell him that after this show/ game/ funny cat video/ etc., he was going to have 20 minutes of “toy time”. I’d do this occasionally. It worked. But, I knew it wasn’t enough. So, I adapted this checklist to help keep him busy in a healthier way. (During these dog days of summer, I even use it along with him!)

We put it in a plastic sleeve. I gave him a dry erase marker, and it gets used everyday. Kids….like adults….love to check off accomplishments, no matter how big or small!

To keep your kiddos away from the TV this summer you might want to create a check list for your house. If you want to save some time and use mine, it’s a download in my Peas in a Pod ~ Teachers Pay Teachers store. I hope it helps you like it has helped us. Enjoy your summer!!
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